artist-run-space merdre

artist-run-space merdre

the art space for all the artists

artist-run-space merdre is for all the artists who has their original, philosophical views and creativities. We plan and hold exhibitions, events, workshops together with artists.

If you wanna plan an exhibition or an event etc… please contact us from here.

In 1896, the word of MERDRE was voiced in the Alfred Jarry’s infamous play ‘Ubu Roi’, Ubu the King. MERDE means “Shit” in french. ‘MERDRE’ was pronounced same as ‘merdre’ with an extra consonant ‘R’. Because of the censorship at that time, it was written ‘MERDRE’ not ‘MERDE’ in the script. The Bourgeoisie audience shocked to hear the word, which shouldn’t be used for the stage. The play ‘Ubu Roi’ changed the western play forever and became the most influential piece in the avant-garde movement after that period.