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Phonography Meeting

2013.6.8 @ 00:00
日月火祝日 休み

南米コスタリカの熱帯雨林で2ヶ月間に及ぶフィールドワークを経て制作されたレコーディング作品「Sempervirent」を名門レーベルGruenrekorderからリリースした、フランス人フィールドレコーディストRodolphe Alexisをゲストに迎え、Tokyo Phonograpers Unionのミーティングをmerdreにて開催します。

Live & Talk session

Rodolphe Alexis
Tokyo Phonographers Union:
Carl Stone, Marcos Fernandes, 津田貴司, 笹島裕樹

2013/6/8 (土)
17:00 open/ 17:30 start

The Tokyo Phonographers Union presents Rodolphe Alexis (Paris) in a live performance and discussion of his latest project in Costa Rica.

Dry, Wet, Evergreen, is a contemplative immersion in the jungles of Central America. From the cloud forest to coastal rainforest, trough dry tropical forest and mangrove, I have spent two months recording the different ecosystems of the protected areas of Costa Rica with a quadraphonic system, a parabolic microphone and an hydrophone. Created for multichannel installations and adapted for live performances, a part of this work was also released in stereo on the ‘Sempervirent’ CD by Gruenrekorder.

Sound recordist, sound artist and designer, Rodolphe Alexis’ work is based on field recording, electroacoustic composition, radio pieces and site-specific installations or performances. From 2008 onwards he began developing a personal approach towards bioacoustics and phonography. Founding partner of Double-Entendre (publishing & audio events) and the revue Vibro / vibrofiles.com, he is also a member of the sound performance duo OttoannA (with Valérie Vivancos). As a sound recordist and sound designer he is currently collaborating with visual artists, fashion designers, institutional structures and Museums as well as for motion design productions, and TV documentaries.



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